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Beck - Black Tambourine. ASCII-video by Adam Levite, 2004.

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That does well to illustrate today’s society.

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A fond Farewell to Inworldz’ Dragon Isle and Jammystone Park, it was a blast… (to be continued)  I think I have most of it in inventory… if not trash.

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A minor “Slashdot Effect”

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As I tear off a page on my new calendar, the year ahead weighs heavy in my hand,

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Here it is, the transporter problem shown in one way out of many possible fictional laws of physics.

. Stanislaw Lem’s, Star Diares- Ijon Tichy

I love Stanislaw Lem’s Cyberiad stories and his other novels.  This is a live-action version of an Iion Tichy one, I wonder if they made more of em…

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OSVehicle - Open Source Vehicle

Arrives in a box, ready to assemble.  Put it together in one hour.

It’s a street ready chassis, engine, controls and seats, its up to you to create the body.

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My fist SecondLife Marketplace Listing - the Shark Sub.  With Frikin’ Laser Beam option (for you Austin Powers fans).  SL is such a great creative outlet to explore design in a 3D environment.

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I went and updated my San Andreas Postcard (available at the Art Gallery in San Andreas) - getting more familiar with Scribus.  To make letter-shaped image frames in Inkscape/Scribus:

  • In Inkscape type and adjust your text, then to object to path.  Save as a plain SVG.
  • In Scribus use import Vector Image - un-group it (the letters will be separate objects.
  • Now you can use the Item->Convert To->Image frame to turn the letters into image frames…  
  • IIRC I think you have to combine paths (not group)  in Inkscape first, before saving to get it so you have a single image frame consisting of all the letters…

This image consists of two SVGs, the fist of the letter frames then the second for the outlines and drop shadows.  The background is a blurred photo using the image frame in Scribus.

Now I need to take more pictures with that blur effect in mind…  :-)

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Seeing the new Fox News Deck brought this perspective to mind.